This is my legacy - The day I broke the OH fandom and sent us all to hell


Hedy Lamarr.


Cary Grant and Carole Lombard perform on NBC’s program ‘The Circle’, 1939


Deborah Kerr



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I saw the video of this once. I think it’s called “To Troll a Predator” on Youtube. It is fantastic

Pedophile: “Who the fuck are you?”

*Batman voice* : “I’m Batman”


so i was taking a bath

a bubble bath to be specific

i used half a bar of lush’s comforter (however you fucking spell it) and this happened


crazy right? i think my mom’s tub is made of magic powers or something

so i had a nice bath, watched some cry plays on my ipad

and i drained my tub

i came down to my room, two floors down in the basement

and i am greeted with this



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When Stars Fall 3/3 // Classic Movie Bloopers

Part 1 & 2

When Stars Fall (2/3) // Classic Movie Bloopers

Parts 1 & 3

When Stars Fall (1/3) // Classic Movie Bloopers

Part 2 & 3


Star Wars: Qui Gon Jinn [ISTP]

Ti: Qui Gonn prefers a logical approach to an emotional one, and seeks creative solutions to their problems. He agrees to land on a dangerous planet to hide them from Federation spies. He bargains and bets to get them the parts they need for repairs. He is frustrated with Jar Jar Binks’ silliness and is sometimes blunt in correcting him (“are you stupid?”).

Se: He encourages Obi Wan to “live in the moment” and stop focusing so much on the future and “disturbances in the force.” Qui Gonn is highly observant and able to move fast; he has quick reflexes and is fearless in the face of danger. He’s a master Jedi who relies on reflexes and instinct to win battles. Qui Gonn makes very quick decisions, without hesitation.

Ni: His skills of observation combined with his intuition tell him that Anakin is the prophesied child meant to bring balance to the force. When the Jedi Council refuse to train him, Qui Gonn pursues his own internal vision separate from their collective beliefs: he decides to train the boy himself. His instinctive knowledge of what is going to happen next allows him to escape most battles unscathed, until he meets another ISTP with even quicker reflexes.

Fe: Although rarely emotional himself, Qui Gonn’s primary goal is to protect those under his care. He feels empathy for Anakin and his mother, and tries to get them both freed. He’s reserved but also can be warm and affectionate when he needs to be.


Joan Fontaine.